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Andy Arias

Andy Arias

Pronouns: he, him — Twitter: @andyzwheelz

Andy Arias has been an advocacy and policy expert for over several years. Most recently he works at the national level on disability policy. He also has the honor of being an adjunct faculty for Georgetown University working with them on creating greater pathways for diversity and inclusion. He has worked as a System Change Advocate and Program Manager for Orange County & Los Angeles. He is member of many boards and commissions related to creating greater visibility and advancement for diverse communities, especially the disability community. Andy is often hired speak and train at universities, high schools, and Congressional leaders on ADA compliance and the inclusion of people disabilities and others from diverse backgrounds and communities. He has received several awards for his presentations on LGBTQ diversity and disability equality. Andy’s developed and implemented a youth programs serving over 150 young adults in Southern California helping them reach their dreams for independence. His curriculum is utilized today, Andy excels in teaching students that nothing can get in the way of their dreams, as long as they use their disabilities as an asset. He has worked for one of the largest law firms in Los Angeles as an ADA SME. Andy created accessible pathways in all the contracts and projects he lead. Andy advocates in the entertainment industry by creating visible pathways as an actor and stand-up comedian.

Looking Beyond Inclusion to Create REAL Change

In this discussion you were learn quite a bit about Andy’s up bringing in systemic poverty and discrimination. He was moved around the system of foster care and education without any focus on him as an individual. You will gain learn how he has transformed his challenges into successes and achievements. He will demystify the idea of low expectations for anybody with a disability regardless of how we perceive their ability. We will dive into perceptions and how influence our biases. Discuss how we can shift our perceptions to create lasting change. Discuss how we need to go beyond inclusion to really start seeing the change instead of just talking about it.